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21st International ISPS Conference - STRANGER IN THE CITY


The circular relationship between alienation and psychosis and the healing power of human reconnection

On August 28th the preconference  will be offering courses and workshops on the newest developments of different kind of therapy approaches.

On August 29th epidemiological researchers and (cultural) experts with qualitative knowledge will try to  come up with an answer to the question:  Why are people belonging to minority groups with low status  5 to 8 times more  likely to experience psychosis?

On August 30th people with lived experience, together with family members and clinicians will discuss the alienation between someone who is psychotic and others.

August 31st will be a day open  to the public for a reduced price. The voice of psychosis. What do you mean by voice? Hallucinations i.e. hearing voices etc? will be discussed, what does it tell us about society?


van woensdag 28 aug 2019
tot zondag 01 sep 2019

internationale activiteit

De Doelen, Kruisplein 40, Rotterdam


Françoise Davoine, Françoise Davoine, Wim Veling, Inez Myin-Germeys......


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